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We find the optimal solution: Consulting services and realization of your emission-free bus operation.

The introduction of e-mobility exceeds the vehicle purchase and requires additional detailed evaluations and decisions regarding the overall system (e.g.: charging infrastructure and operation management). We support you during all e-bus project phases: Starting with the initial conceptual designs, proceeding via call for bids and purchasing until the final bus-line-service. Throughout the entire project our main focus is evenly spread on the aspects economy & cost reduction, mobility and environment. You can build on our know-how in terms of e-bus!

Building on extensive analyses we confront the e-mobility challenges holistically and follow your interest. In this course we rely on our professional competence in the fields of e-bus drive systems, storage- and charging technology, public transport operation management and economic efficiency. In addition we build on a strong network of established experts in special fields.

Rely on our consulting services and profit from our experience and networks to realize your e-Bus project successfully, from beginning to end. Gladly we perform the entire call-for-bid- and project-management for you. Alternatively, enjoy our eBus All-In Package and watch your e-mobility projects becoming a success. Of course, we offer the individual elements of our eBus All-In Package independently as well.

Our services at a glance

Planning and Conceptual Design

Call for Bids and Purchasing

During Service

eBus All-In Package
Extensive Analysis
Technical Concept
System Choice
Project Financing
System Integration & Commissioning
Vehicle Operation
Warranty and Guarantee

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Consulting: Planning and Conceptual Design

Excerpt from our planning and conceptual design consulting:
EEBC supports cities, public and private transport operators throughout all project phases of e-mobility implementation. From initial planning to final line service. Suited exactly to the financial and infrastructural conditions of the regarded field of operation, EEBC develops individual and vendor-independent custom made solutions and alternatives. We offer you our know-how to set the course for a successful e-bus project already during the planning and conceptual design phase. In the first project phase, we offer you amongst others the following consulting services:

  • Feasibility studies, expanse analysis and system evaluation
  • Measurement data acquisition and operation simulation with energy consumption prognosis
  • Simulation, comparison and economical evaluation of different propulsion and charging concepts
  • Concept and technology consulting
  • Establishment of financing concepts and evaluation of funding possibilities
  • Line-service concepts for single lines or line-networks with regard to operational and technological challenges (e.g.: time-buffer at final stop vs. energy storage charging period)
  • Consulting for 100% zero-emission mobility including renewable energy production

Consulting: Call for Bids and Purchasing

The decisions made and executed during the call-for-bid and purchasing phase are very cost-intensive and long-term effective. The establishment of adequate specifications sheets and bid-documentation as well as the conducting of negotiations are very time-consuming and require detailed knowledge about the planned system. Also in this project phase, rely on our expertise to continue your e-bus project economically and technically valuable. During the call-for bid and purchasing phase, we offer you the following consulting services:

  • Technology consulting (vehicle concepts, battery systems, charging stations, etc.)
  • Establishment of specification sheets and call-for-bid documentation as well as conducting of negotiations.
  • Rating, selection and dimensioning of battery systems and charging infrastructure.
  • Offer analyses and ratings. For instance regarding matching of requirements, energy efficiency, operational and service cost, liability, warranty and guarantee.
  • Project management during implementation period and coordination of system integration and commissioning.

Consulting: During Service

During e-bus line service we can support you to implement safety aspects and an economically optimal vehicle operation. One of the major challenges during line-service is the alignment of time-schedules with regard to operational and technological challenges. For instance the question if and how buffer times at end-of-line can be used as charging periods. Our know-how includes both sides: Technical knowledge and expert knowledge of operation and organization of public transport. During operation we can offer you the following consulting services:

  • Line-service optimization with regard to operational and technological challenges
  • Staff training and qualification (e.g.: electro qualification)
  • Battery consulting with regard to batteries as hazardous material
  • Data acquisition and performance monitoring of used systems or components
  • Long-term monitoring of operational and maintenance cost

eBus All-In Package

We perform all tasks of your e-Bus project and face – as your representative – all problems and challenges while implementing e-mobility within the bus sector. In this course we are your central contact person. Therefore you have total project control while being centrally integrated without the need to conduct time-consuming negotiations, call-for-bids, commissioning or similar yourself. EEBC is responsible for the entire project and offers you even the project financing, if desired! EEBC draws the frame for e-mobility not only around vehicles and infrastructure.

In order to provide 100% zero-emission mobility, we observe the entire energy value added chain starting by renewable energy production already during the conceptual design phase.

Extensive Analysis

Each bus service-line has specific requirements regarding energy- and power-consumption, energy supply, battery capacity, number and technology of charging stations (e.g. conductive, inductive or commutative). Detailed knowledge of the existing situation with regard to the technical requirements is crucial for the meaningful and economical operation of e-Buses. The analysis is therefore the lynchpin for any successful e-mobility project.

EEBC gathers the relevant operational data with scientific methods during line-service without any interference. Gathered information is for instant the bus-line with height profile, traffic-related stopping points, as well as bus stops and passenger load. Also possible placements for charging stations, climatic conditions and special requirements of the operator are taken into account.

Technical Concept

Based on the analysis results a variety of possible system concepts are established and compared amongst each other. Different concepts may be for instance variations within degree of automation of the charging system (charging by manual connector, automated pantoraph or inductive system).

On a technical level, bus lines are simulated using the EEBC method, whereat the different concepts are optimized and rated with regard to efficiency and operational behavior. On a commercial level the financial aspects are evaluated to provide cost prognoses for each concept.

E-mobility doesn´t become 100% renewable before electrical energy is produced renewable as well. To ensure this, energy balances are established in close cooperation with local energy supply companies, if desired. In the course the entire energy value added chain from production, over transmission and storage until final use in the vehicles is observed and evaluated.

System Choice

Decide yourself! The outcome of analysis and technical concept is presented to you to provide the information background. Together with EEBC guidance you chose the ideal system suited ideally to your needs.

Since EEBC operates entirely vendor-independent we can assure you that our concepts are strictly designed to fulfill your needs and to meet your requirements. We evaluate all possibilities provided by the market and – if necessary – organize the entire development process of new products.

Project Financing

E-mobility equals tremendous investment?!? Not necessarily! EEBC supports you finding funding possibilities and provides you different financing options. Aside purchasing- and leasing options, financing can be spread over a long-term contract. A possible calculation method is a monthly charge in dependence of the driven distance (price per km). Thereby the financial risk is covered by EEBC.

The overall operating cost is planned to at least match the operating cost of a comparable diesel bus over the entire lifetime. But the clear goal is to fall below this value already on a mid-term perspective.


EEBC managest he entire purchasing process for the entire chosen system. We order all vehicles and the complete system infrastructure (e.g. charging systems). EEBC conducts all negotiations as your representative and observes the project process continuously. As a vendor-independent company we explore the market for products with the highest quality and best cost-effectiveness for your application.

System Integration and Commissioning

EEBC coordinates the implementation of components and sub-systems into a working overall system. We organize the system integration and perform the entire project management including the step-by-step commissioning of the overall system until the vehicles operate in passenger service safe and reliable.

Vehicle Operation

If desired, EEBC includes the vehicle operation in the all-round carefree package, by founding an individual local operating company. Needless to say, we follow all safety relevant standards and train your staff in the safe handling of e-Bus technics when required.

Warranty and Guarantee

We offer you full warranty and technical service over the entire contract term. Suited to your application and requirements EEBC develops a customer specific maintenance and service concept to maximize the vehicle availability.